Meadowridge International Baccalaureate 2014 Results, 100% Success Rate

by Mr. Hugh Burke


I wanted to inform everyone as to how our students did on our first ever IB Diploma and Course results. These were our first IB exams – scored externally and internationally, worth up to 80% of the student grades, and analyzed internationally. As well, IB students internationally were the reference group for these exams, and they are considered the best students in the world, the best comparatives for our school. We were apprehensive about these results, since we had no prior experience, our students were not pre-selected, and our predicted scores –given in January – would be tested by the exams, with real consequences for our students if we were too low or too high. Our students had come through the MYP and the DP, and we thought that they would be well prepared, but such high-stakes exams really put our programme to the test. This is how we did, in short terms:

Diploma Candidates: (Number of students=34)

Category Meadowridge World Averages (over past several years)
Average score 33.1 points 29.5 points
Pass rate (Diploma) 100% 80%
Subject pass rate 100% 80%
Scores of 5 or higher 65% n/a

Course Candidates: (Number of students=8)

Category Meadowridge
Average % score 82.2% (Using Ontario provincial conversions)
Range 80% – 88%
Pass rate 100%

As noted in the data, we were about 11% above the world average, and much better in pass rate and subject pass rate. We are very proud of all of our students and of their teachers, who have prepared these students so well. The Course candidates earned the best marks in the history of the school, and our first cohort of Diploma students exceeded our expectations, and also recorded the highest marks in school history. Our projected marks were very accurate, and all of the students retained their university choices and scholarships – to some of the best universities and institutes in the world.

We are proud of these results, but are perhaps more proud of some of the less measurable characteristics that we value, and that our graduates display: Thoughtfulness, inquiry, intercultural understanding, balance, leadership, risk-taking and caring. In many schools, only the very top students are allowed to write DP exams. In our school, every student wrote them, and did well. They exemplify people who have learned to live well, with others and for others, in a just global community.

Congratulations to these students, their parents, and their teachers for the past thirteen years!