Hugh Burke was born in Glasgow, Scotland, He came to Canada as a child, and has grown up in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he attended Vancouver College, an independent Catholic school for boys. He graduated from Simon Fraser, and holds three degrees from there, and has also pursued studies at the University of British Columbia. Hugh worked for 27 years within the public school system, where he taught from grades two through twelve, and was on District Staff as a coordinator of programs, including Gifted Children, Writing, Language Arts, and finally in instructional improvement generally.

Hugh then taught at Simon Fraser University as a Faculty Associate, supervising student teachers, and as a sessional lecturer, teaching courses in Critical Thinking, Language Arts, Drama, and Classroom Management. He became an administrator of the Professional Development Program, responsible for coordinating Lower Mainland programs, and supporting Faculty Associates as they supervised student teachers. He has consulted widely in Education, and is published in the areas  both of Teacher Education and Collaboration.

Hugh was the first non-Jewish principal of a Jewish Day School, the Vancouver Talmud Torah. For the past ten years, he has been the Headmaster of Meadowridge School  in Maple Ridge, British Columbia. He is currently the President of the Independent Schools Association of British Columbia, and is on the Board of the Federation of Independent Schools’ Associations of British Columbia. He is also the western  regional advisor to the SEAL Board.

Hugh Currently resides in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, with his wife, Eva, and his three children.